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  • Accountancy practices should be aware of R&D Tax Credits, even if they don’t seem relevant to their existing clients. Too many companies who should be claiming aren’t and often the blame is laid at their accountant’s door. But how can an accountant spot the signs when they are not readily visible and the rules around R&D tax relief can be hard to interpret, even for a tax professional?

    Knowing the rules and understanding the rules and how they apply to real-life situations are two different things. This is where we come in. We have extensive experience of compiling successful R&D claims, covering various industry sectors and business sizes. We help our accountancy partners introduce, advertise and support an R&D tax relief service leading to added value for their clients and an additional offering to their portfolio.

Exciting times for Research and Development Tax Relief

“Exciting times” and “Research and Development Tax Relief” are not usually terms you will se

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HMRC Freeze R&D Payments

HMRC has paused some R&D tax credit payments while it investigates some irregular claims. It has

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Can you automate an R&D claim?

There are a number of steps which must be taken when compiling a robust R&D claim. Some of these

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