Information For Clients


Information For Clients

Our goal is to make the claim process as simple and easy as possible for our clients.

Despite the HMRC trying to simplify the process for smaller firms to claim R&D tax relief, we are finding a large number of firms are still not claiming. This can be because the process of claiming seems too daunting or that firms simply don't believe that the work they undertaken would qualify.

Typically we would first arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss the work your company undertakes and if we feel it qualifies for R&D tax relief, we will then hold a follow up meeting to discuss the technical aspects of your qualifying projects.

Based on the information collected, we would then write a technical report on your behalf which explains why the projects you have undertaken meet all the HMRC guidelines for the R&D tax relief.

In addition we will also assist you in completing a template showing the expenditure your company has incurred on R&D projects.

Once you have approved your technical summary and figures, these are passed to your normal accountant for submission to the HMRC.

All work undertaken by R&D consulting is provided via a contingent fee arrangement, so if your claim is unsuccessful we won't charge you a penny and we only ask for payment once your claim has been approved by the HMRC and you have either received a payment or tax credit to use against future corporation tax liabilities.